Service Division

Bippus Roofing‘s fully trained service division is fully equipped to repair most leaks, emergency and non emergency on the spot. In many cases, repair is a fully viable option to a full replacement.

Repair vs. Replacement! When?

Roof Garden in need of Repair Roof Pool in need of Repair

If discovered early, many roofs can be successfully repaired. The first signs of failure usually appear inside the building in the form of flaking paint, ceiling stains, discoloration and peeling wall paper. Some causes like deteriorated asphalt cement or small holes can be corrected, cracking shingles cannot. Never wait, hire a licensed professional to determine how much a repair will cost and how long can you expect your roof to perform after the repair is complete. If it does not exceed the cost of a new roof, and it will survive at least its original life cycle, then repair it. If not, install a new roof.

Rent-A-Roofer Program

Are you concerned by high contractor prices? Are you certain that you can do the job yourself if you have just a little guidance?

Bippus Roofing offers their innovative “rent-a-roofer program. Weather you merely want a little direction how to proceed, want to rent tools, or want start to finish consultation and supervision, find out how Bippus Roofing’s "rent-a-roofer" program can save you a bundle!

Consultation fee: $60 dollars an hour with a $75.00 minimum, to deal with permit issues, building codes, proper materials and installation instruction.


Available services for rent: